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Notice of Race

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Notice of Race  Nordic Youth Sailing Championships 2013

Event:            Nordic Youth Sailing Championships 2013 for Optimist,

                      Zoom8, Laser 4.7, Laser Radial, Laser Standard, Europe, RS     

                      FEVA,  29er, 470, RS:X. The event is open for Participants from

                      ISAF Group G (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland,

                      Estonia) Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.


Datum:           July 24 – July 28, 2013 


Organizer:      Vänersborgs Segelsällskap (Vänersborgs Sailing Society) 


1.      Rules

1.1    The event will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing

         Rules  of Sailing (RRS), with prescriptions of the Nordic Sailing


1.2    Rules for Nordic Championships will apply.

1.3    Class Rules will apply.

1.4    The ISAF Regulation 20 will apply.

1.5    Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by

        the organizing authority. 

1.6    Competitors must wear personal flotation devices when the boat has

         left Port, except for short-term replacement or adjustment of clothing

         or personal equipment. Wet suits and dry suits are not personal

         flotation devices. This changes RRS S17.2. A boat who violates this

         rule may be warned or punished in the manner of protest committee

         considers appropriate.


2.      Eligibility requirements 

2.1    Competitors shall be a member of her/his Member National Authority

         or one of its affiliated organizations.

2.2    To be entitled to participate in Nordic Youth Sailing Championship

         2013, each competitor must comply with ISAF Regulation 19.

2.3    Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third party liability

        insurance with minimum cover of 50 000 € per event or equivalent.

        Proof of insurance shall be produced at registration

2.4    Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See

         RRS 4, Decision to Race. The organizing authority will not accept any

         liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in

         conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta.

2.5    To constitute a Nordic Youth Championship the event shall have

         competing boats from at least three countries in group G.

         The organizing authority reserves the right to cancel racing for '

         classes which at the entry deadline July 1 2013 do not fulfill the

         conditions for minimum number of boats and participating nations as

         given in the Rules for Nordic Youth Championship see also

         paragraph 4. Entries

2.6    The following rules for the number of participating boats will be used;

2.6.1 Minimum number of competing boats:

                      Single-handed dinghies 15 boats

                      Double-handed dinghies 12 boats

         Maximum number of competing boats from each country:

                      Male competitors 20 boats per class

                      Female competitors 20 boats per class

2.7    Age Limits

         2.7.1 All competitors shall be at least 12 years of age on 31 December of   

         the year of the championship, unless they have been selected on the basis

         of sailing competitions; Selection procedure to be accepted by the MNA.

         However, in Norway a national regu-lation takes precedence.



         (a) Competitors in the Optimist class shall be at most 15 years of age on 31

         December of the year of the championship.


         (b) All other competitors shall be at most 18 years of age on 31 December

          of the year of the championship.


         2.7.3 Any national age limits of a country will be applied to competitors from

         that country except that the maximum ages in paragraph 2.7.2 shall not be



2.8    Eligible boats shall register by their national class associations.

2.9    Every country shall have a responsible team leader. The team

        leader shall be authorized by the national authority and my not be a

        competitor in the championship.

2.10  In addition every country may have a coach for each participating class.


3.     Entries

3.1    Due to the number of participants of the Nordic Youth

         Championship recent years switched ask the organizing committee

         from each National Authority to receive what classes and number

         of competitors per class you are expected to participate with.

         Organizational Committee will then decide which classes and

         courses that will arise from the rules in 2.6. Regardless of the

         preliminary number of boats entered the organization's

         Committee's right to reduce the number of classes in accordance

         with paragraph 2.5 Organization Committee wishes this by mail

         (This is a mailto link) not later than 1 of April 2013.

3.2    Advance entry shall be made not later than 1 st of July 2013.

        Use the e-mail: This is a mailto link

        The entry shall be made by each nation’s class authority.

        The entry for the Optimist team racing shall be made in the race

        office no later than 2013.07.27 at 18:00.


3.3    The advance entry shall include the following:


         Crew members




         Sail number

         Yacht club

         Date of Birth    


3.4    The entry fee shall be registered at Vänersborgs Sailing Society account 

         by each nations class authority no later than 1 of July 2013.


         Payment from Sweden shall be made to:

         Bankgiro    394-2828.


         Entries from outside Sweden are advised to use IBAN-payment:

         NEW ACCOUNT:

         IBAN: SE30 8000 0836 8391 3045 3617



         The entry fee is 100 € per boat

         The entry fee for late entry is 150 € per boat

         The entry fee for team racing is 100 € per team, to be paid at the entry for 

         the team race.

         The entry fee to be paid for coaches and representatives is 75 € per boat.    

         Registered team leaders as stated in 2.9 and 2.10 are exempt from this fee.


4.      Registration and measurement checks  

4.1    Registration shall be made at the race office not later than 12:00 AM,       

         Wednesday 24th of July.


4.2    Measurement certificate shall be presented prior to racing. 

4.3    Measurement checks may be carried out during the regatta. 


5.      Sailing Instructions

5.1    The sailing instructions will be handed out upon completion of the




6.     Time schedule  

6.1    Programme


         Saturday, July 20th

         Camping on Sail stadium open


         Sunday, July 21th

         Monday, July 22th

         Tuesday, July 23th

            09:00—19:00   Registration, Measurement and inspection


        Wednesday, July 24th

        09:00—12:00      Registration, Measurement and inspection

          12:00                   Coach meeting

          14:00                   Tune up Race

        18:00                   Skippers' meeting and Opening Ceremony


        Thursday, July 25th

        10:55                  Warning signal for the first race of the day


        Friday, July 26th   

        10:55                  Warning signal for the first race of the day


        Saturday, July 27th     

        10:55                  Warning signal for the first race of the day

        19:00                  Banquet and Entertainment


        Sunday, July 28th    

        09:55                  Warning signal of the first race of the day   

                                  Team racing for Optimist

                                  Fleet Race for all other classes


                                  Prize Giving Ceremony as soon as possible after the

                                  last race. 


                                  No warning signal will be given later than 14:55hrs on

                                  Sunday, July 28th   


6.2    8 races are scheduled for Optimist and 9 races for all other classes


6.3    Optimist team racing will be scheduled Saturday, July 27th   at 19:00



7.     Race format   

7.1    Fleet racing 



8.     Racing area   

8.1    The racing areas will be in lake Vänern approximately 1 miles NE of           

         Vänersborgs harbour. 


9.     The course  

9.1    The races will be conducted on three courses of which 2 will consist of  

        Trapezoid course with inner or outer loop and with separate starting and

        finishing lines and a third course for Optimist constituted by the so-       

        called World Cup Course.


 Outer loop                                                                                       Inner loop


outer loop notice of race inner loop notice of race



Optimist VM CUP Course

optimist VM cup course notice of race


10.    Protests and penalty systems  

10.1   RRS Appendix P will apply



11.    Scoring 

11.1   The low point scoring system of RRS Appendix A will apply, modified  

         so that when three or fewer races have been completed, a boat's series  

         score will be the total of her race scores.


11.2   3 races are required to be completed to constitute a championship.


11.3   Appendix D will apply for the optimist team racing  



12.    Prizes   

12.1   Scandinavian Sailing Federations gold, silver and bronze plaques will

         be given to the 3 best placed crews in each class. 


12.2   Scandinavian Sailing Federations gold, silver and bronze plaques will

         be given to the 3 best placed teams in the Optimist team racing. 



Attachment to notice of race.

Vänersborgs Segelsällskap (Vänersborgs Yacht Club)

Box 9

462 21 Vänersborg


Telephone:  +46 52167306 (only during event)

E-mail : This is a mailto link

Website: vss.gotanet.se


Commodore of Vänersborgs Yacht Club

Arne Larsson

This is a mailto link

+46 706 388445




mailto: This is a mailto link

+46 521-27 14 00

http:// www.visittrollhattanvanersborg.se


race area notice of race



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